historic map 1802 Plano del Puerto de San Diego

Services and Fees

Records Search Conducted by SCIC

A records search conducted by the SCIC entails digitally generated products for clients by means of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for both San Diego and Imperial Counties. A digital records search conducted by SCIC staff includes: geographic data for site and survey boundaries (by means of GIS shapefiles); National Register data; and PDFs of site forms, maps (current and historic), and report citations (full digital copies of reports are available upon request).

The CHRIC IC Electronic Fee Schedule is applied to records searches conducted by the SCIC. Clients will be notified in the event that the projected cost of a records search will exceed $1000.

Requests are processed in the order in which they are received; expedited search requests are given priority for an additional fee. Completion time for records searches varies as the SCIC cannot anticipate the number of requests submitted daily.

Request a records search from the SCIC.

In-House Records Searches

The SCIC is open Monday-Thursday (8am-4:30pm) to clients who would like to conduct their own records searches. Clients conducting in-house records searches have access to a basic, user-friendly GIS application displaying current site, survey and National Register spatial information as well as site form and report databases.

For an in-house records search, clients are responsible for making their own copies, manually browsing the databases, and must hand draw maps. Clients should also be aware that the paper map collection available for in-house records searches is relatively dated, as SCIC has discontinued paper map use both for staff and client purposes. For these reasons, the SCIC generally recommends clients to request SCIC staff generated records searches as the results are up to date and accurate, as well as completely digital.

To schedule an in-house record search, please email Jaime Lennox at [email protected].

Fee Schedule

Fees approved by the State Historical Resources Commission are based on a minimum charge of one hour and by half hour increments thereafter.

Records Search conducted by SCIC

  • Records Searches conducted by the SCIC are billed using the CHRIS IC Electronic Fee Structure

Records Search conducted In-House

  • Access Fee: $100.00 for the first hour per person plus $50.00 per person per one-half hour thereafter.
  • Photocopy: $0.15 per page plus staff time if staff performs photocopying.
  • Cancellation Fee for failure to give twenty-four (24) hours advance notice of cancellation of scheduled In-House Records Search appointment: $50.00 per appointment.

Copy Requests

  • Staff Time: $40.00 for the first hour plus $20.00 per one-half hour thereafter.
  • Photocopy: $0.15 per page.

Priority Response

Total cost of Information Center services rendered plus 50% of total cost; Information Center should be contacted to determine response time.

Emergency Response

Total cost of Information Center services rendered plus 100% of total cost; fee applies to a request made by a government agency or representative in response to a specific, identified emergency incident; Information Center should be contacted to determine response time.

Payments are due within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of billing. If you have any billing related questions please contact Jaime Lennox at [email protected].

Please see our Information and Forms page for more information about Access Restrictions.